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International Baccalaureate (IB)

Several International Baccalaureate (IB) programs intentionally visit the University of Utah in the summer time to get a leap on academic research at the libraries. This is a guide created just for these students.

Subject Guide

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Dale Larsen

I love to help with your research: from just seeing the assignment, to wrapping up with citation management -drop me a line or come by 1726C on the first floor of the Marriott Library

Send me an e-mail -I'd love to hear from you!

3 step program for autoethnographic fun

Image: self-portraits of; Luigi Serena, Frida Kahlo,
unknown, Joe Conzo, Childish Gambino.


Hello IB/AP students!  The University of Utah libraries is pleased to participate in your research learning!  

Access to a scholarly database
"Academic Search Premier" at the Salt Lake County Library
"Academic Search Premier" at the Salt Lake City Library

Wait! I need a library card/number! How do I do that?

Academic Search Premier on Utah's Online Library
  • Go to Utah's Online Library:
  • Log in as a student: the login name is online and the password is research (note this changes from time to time, so if it doesn't work -contact
  • Open the EBSCO: High Schools database, then open Academic Search Premier.

WEB to try -if you find something here, ask a librarian for help in getting access!
Google Scholar (sometimes good, ask us for full text if you need)
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) (scholarly and free access)


Primary Sources
photographs, diaries, letters -all from the people who experienced the history
The Digital Public Library of America

You can come up to the UofU library to see these, Saturdays work best and don't forget to bring a mask :-)
Marriott Library Catalog (advanced search)


Guided Research 
Each librarian has prepared an introductory video for you, but they're available for e-mail help, too -open up a new tab and try out the research tips as you watch.

Social Sciences:  (video by Adriana; reach out to
Humanities: -(temporarily; reach out to for this one, too)
STEM: Shane Wallace

Annotated Bibliography Work
Library Assignment (whee!)
Library Assignment Help Video

Marriott Library Eccles Library Quinney Law Library