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How to find Referreed Journals through UlrichsWeb

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Find Referreed or Peer-reviewed Journals

If you want to find the refereed (which means peer-reviewed) journals, you can use UlrichsWeb. This database provides a variety of information about journals, periodicals, and serials, including name, address, pricing, and publishing information. All entries are searchable by title, subject, language, and vendor.

1. Go to the Databases and click on U.


2. Go to the list and click on UlrichsWeb Global Serials Directory as the top result.


3. Type the name of a journal, for example "The Journal of Academic Librarianship", click the search button.


4. In the new page, find the black and white referee jersey next to the title of journal. If you see the jersey, it means that the journal has peer reviewed articles. If not, you can use a different journal.

5. If you click on the title of journal, you will see the jersey and a Yes in the Refereed raw.

6. If you don't see the jersey, you can either choose a different journal or you can search in Google or Wikipedia for the journal title. By searching the journal title, you can usually get some information about whether or not the journal has an editorial board or does peer review. For instance, the Elsevier website explains that The Journal of Academic Librarianship is refereed.

7. You also can search in Wikipedia. It will tell you if its peer-reviwed.
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