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A guide to celebrate Dr. Conrad Anker (2017 Commencement Speaker & Graduate from the Parks, Recreation Dept) and our incredible collections
Campus Recreation

Conrad Anker & Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures offers trips and other programs. It is the largest collegiate rental shop of outdoor and adventure gear in the nation. Located in the George S. Eccles Student Life Center.  


Commencement Ceremony Dr. Conrad Anker

2017 Commencement ceremony at the University of Utah 
Conrad Anker's Commencement Speech

Worth the Climb

Commencement 2017 Conrad Anker

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Thanks to  Professor Jim Agutter, Director of the Spark Design Initiative, for inviting me to work with his Design students and setting up a meeting with Conrad Anker. Since February 1, 2018, Tallie Casucci has been making significant contributions and taking lead on building our journal collection, Rocktober, and outreach to local organizations and climbers.

Special Thanks to Dr. Gregory C. Thompson, Associate Dean for Special Collections, for his support of this endeavor.  

Many people at the J. Willard Marriott Library have helped in building  and supporting this growing collection. Thanks to the following Marriott Library staff and faculty: Carly Anderson, Brian Ashley, Robert Behra, Fred Brady, Jessica Breiman, Joni Clayton, Alison Conner, Sandra Coon, Mark England, Ian Godfrey, Jeff Hunt, Judy Jarrow,  April Love, David Maxfield, Shana Mecham, David Maxfield, Karen Moadelli, Scott Reiter,  LaRae Ringwood, Ken Rockwell, Elyse Stoedter, Todd Samuelson, Catherine Soehner, and Molly Steed.

 Thanks to Parks, Recreation, and Tourism faculty, staff, and students.  Like Conrad Anker says "Be Good, Be Kind, Be Happy"

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