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: :The Guerrilla from Ipanema: music of protest & the Brazilian dictatorship (PTGSE 3580/PTGSE 6580): :

Course explores Brazilian popular music’s role as an important forum for political expression and resistance.

Beginning your search for sources

The library's catalog Usearch is a good place to begin, since it searches not only the physical resources held in the library but also over 380 packages of online resources (including journals and e-books). Most of the articles that show up in search results from our catalog should have the full text available, usually as a pdf. Those that don't provide full text can be requested through Interlibrary Loan. To find articles beyond the scope of the journal packages searched by our catalog the first stop would be our databases. For the topics touched on by this class the best places to start would be the Music Database, the Modern Language Association (MLA) International Bibliography, the Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI), Historical Abstracts, Fuente Académica, Informe Académico, and World Scholar: Latin American and the Caribbean. One way to go deeper in your search for both books and articles would be to read through the sources cited by someone who has written a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation closely related to the topic of your research. You can do this using the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database. For instance, the 1999 doctoral disserations Thin air and the solid state: radio, culture and politics in Brazil's Vargas era, by Bryan McCann, has just over six pages of sources, while the 2008 doctoral dissertation O imaginário de Antonio Carlos Jobim: representações e discursos, by Patrícia Helena Fuentes Lima, has 12 pages of sources.

Another effective way to search for scholarly resources that may or may not be available in our collections (but that may still be available through Interlibrary Loan) is to use Google Scholar. In order to take advantage of your affiliation with the University of Utah you should first take these steps: 1) click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the page 2) click on Settings/icon of the cogwheel 3) click on Library links 4) put Utah in the search box and click on the magnifying glass 5) click in the box in front of University of Utah - Get It @ UU, then click on Save. 

Physical books at the Marriott Library

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Marriott Library is closed and won't reopen until April 4th at the earliest. That means the physical books below are not available. But you will note that some of them are available as e-books. It may be possible for us to obtain e-book versions of some of those that are currently only available in physical format. Please let me know if there are titles on this list that you would be interested in consulting in e-book format.

The books related to the topics covered by this class are distributed over two levels of the Marriott Library. Bear in mind that if a book you are interested in is currently checked out, you can recall it from circulation by clicking on the Request link (which will only show up if you are logged in through CIS). Some sample titles:

On the east side of Level 2:

F2538.25 .A44 1993 68 mudou o mundo, by Márcio Moreira Alves

F2538.25 .A4817 2005 Estado e oposição no Brasil (1964-1984), by Maria Helena Moreira Alves [also available in English as State and opposition in military Brazil]

F2538.25 .S58 1988 The politics of military rule in Brazil, 1964-85, by Thomas E. Skidmore [also available as an e-book]

In the compact shelving on the east side of Level 1:

HN283.5 .D86 2016 Contracultura: alternative arts and social transformation in authoritarian Brazil, by Christopher Dunn [also available as an e-book]

JL2498.M6 K56 1988 Legal opposition politics under authoritarian rule in Brazil, by Maria D'Alva Gil Kinzo

ML410.B923 L45 2018 Um olhar interpretativo das canções de Chico, by Rui Leitão

ML410.B923 T49 2004 Textos sobre as canções, o teatro e a ficção de um artista brasileiro, edited by Rinaldo de Fernandes

ML3487.B7 B37 2015 A historiografia da música popular no Brasil: análise crítica dos estudos acadêmicos até o final do século XX, by Silvano Fernandes Baia

ML3487.B7 D468 2009 River of tears: country music, memory and modernity in Brazil, by Alexander Sebastian Dent [also available as an e-book]

ML3487.B7 M27 2015 Quem foi que inventou o Brasil?: a música popular conta a história da República, by Franklin Martins

ML3487.B7 S77 2008 The defence of tradition in Brazilian popular music: politics, culture and the creation of música popular brasileira, by Sean Stroud [also available as an e-book]

ML3487.B7 T67 2014 Música e palavra nas canções de Chico Buarque e Tom Jobim, by Alfredo Werney Lima Torres

Books not here at the library

The library's catalog includes records for books we do not yet own. These records say "MPDDA Click REQUEST PURCHASE to get a physical copy of book. On average requests take one to two weeks." In order to be able to request such a purchase you will be prompted to log in to your library account (even if you are already logged in through CIS) -- this is to ensure that only members of the University of Utah community are triggering purchases.

Even with a collection of over 4,000,000 items the library doesn't begin to have everything. The best single source to find books that aren't here, but that can be obtained through Interlibrary Loan, is the WorldCat (FirstSearch) database.

Again, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it isn't currently possible for us to process requests for physical books, either as purchases or as interlibrary loans.


More and more of the books purchased by the library are e-books rather than physical volumes. Clicking on the link to an e-book in our catalog will prompt you to log in with your uNID and CIS password, even if you have already logged in

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