Social Welfare Policy: Utah

Utah: Policy, Social Research, Data, Statistics


source: American Community Survey (ACS), 2018, Families: Income Below Poverty Level

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At the state level, sources of funding range from federal to state, with even local and private money in the mix.  All of that money comes with a responsibility for producing data, statistics, and evidence of its successful use; and stories of meaning-making that tie it all together.

NOTE ON USAGE: These are great to see presentation of services, listing of criteria for participation, and some data/statistics presentation as well. As you go through them, ask yourself, were you surprised at something appearing? Did you feel engaged (or distanced) by something not appearing? What caused something to appear or not? Policy, politics, site or services marketing/management?

Utah Health and Social Services

Utah Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS)

Utah Department of Health: Data 


library database: PAIS International
since this database covers public policy all over the world, it will be best to use keywords with "Utah" or other locally-specific words. 
           utah AND "public policy"
           utah AND homeless AND housing
           "salt lake city" AND "domestic violence"

library database: US Newsstream
most of the newspapers in the U.S. are indexed here -you can search them all for trends, or search specifically through local papers like the Salt Lake Tribune, or Deseret News

library database: Nexis UNI
newspapers, national legislation and more -again, use "utah" or other locally defining keyword in searches

library database: Library Catalog (recommended!)
The University of Utah is a collector of government documents, books, articles, dissertations, etc. that may not necessarily appear in other databases.  For a general search to start with, try:
                 ("social policy" OR "social welfare") AND utah
                 DEMO: how can I use the catalog with the search above?






Non-Government Sites of Interest

NOTE ON USAGE: Use these sites as topic brainstorming, but if you need information to actually cite in a paper or presentation, you'll come across as more credible using academic and government sources (send me a request for help)

Spotlight on Poverty & Opportunity
Quick to read: A wide variety of data & statistics assembled from a variety of data sources (click on each data point for a link)

Ballotopedia: Utah Public Policy
Quick to read: How Utah policy compares to other states

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