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Data Visualization, Computation, & Analysis

GIS Services

GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) Services is designed to collaboratively support University of Utah students, staff, and faculty in transforming and visualizing data through the development of geospatial projects.


Protospace Logo

ProtoSpace hosts a variety of digital scholarship and fabrication activities including 3D printing / scanning, geospatial information systems, podcast / video production, virtual reality, gaming consoles / board games, LEGO table, sewing machines, and more.

Creativity & Innovation Services

Creativity & Innovation Services. Collaborative support and expertise in Arts, Design, media production, visual communication, fabrication, and Interactive Media.

We support University of Utah students, staff, and faculty in their interdisciplinary research and productivity, with an emphasis on arts and design, multimedia production, 3D and prototyping technologies, multimodal communication, and experiential learning.

Digital Matters

Digital Matters houses various research projects whose aim is to create a different perspective on a particular question or topic using computation and technology, through partnerships and grants, with the ultimate goal of furthering critical discourse.

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