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Access and Use of Media Studios media production studios


Robert J. Nelson, Head of Media Studios

1705 V (Faculty Center)

Marriott Library


Media Studios studios

Media Studios manages five media production studios in the Marriott Library:

Faculty Center (Room 1705)

  • Audio Studio
  • Video Studio

Fine Arts Library (Room 2500 B)

  • Simple Video Studio

Protospace Booths (Level 2)

  • 2 Podcast Booths

Use of Media Studios studios

Use of the five Media Studios studios is restricted to current Students, Faculty and Staff of the University of Utah.

Media Studios Access & Use Policy

Patron Policies and Responsibilities 

Marriott Library Patron Policies

Scheduling and Unmediated Access of the studios

All five studios must be scheduled in order to use.

Patron Scheduled studios are reserved through the Library's Scheduling System

  • 2500B (Fine Arts) Simple Video Studio
  • 2750A, 2750B (Protospace) Podcast Booths

The Audio and Video Studios in the Faculty are scheduled by Head of Media Studios. Contact for schedulikng

Trained and vetted users can request unmediated access to those professional studios in the Faculty Center

  • Meet with Robert Nelson to go over use and behavioral expectations
  • Training on use of the Audio and Video equipment
  • Ability for one time use and weekly time slots scheduled by Robert Nelson.


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Robert Nelson
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