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Great Salt Lake: Start Here

A guide to research related to Utah's Great Salt Lake


This guide features selected resources about the effects of climate change and drought on the Great Salt Lake, Utah.


Great Salt Lake is Shrinking

NASA photo. Great Salt Lake June 1985 NASA Photo. Great Salt Lake July 2022
NASA Photo. Great Salt Lake June 1985 NASA Photo. Great Salt Lake July 2022

The Great Salt Lake is the largest saline lake in the Western Hemisphere and the eighth largest in the world.  Birds rely on the lake, a critical link in the Pacific Flyway between North and South America. Every year 10 million birds from 338 different species come to rest, eat and breed during migrations of a thousand miles or more. With the decline of other lakes, GSL is increasingly important to these species.

Due to its shallowness (an average of 14 feet deep and a maximum of 35 feet deep), the water level can fall dramatically during dry years and rise during wet years. The average daily value of Great Salt Lake hit a new record low July 3, 2022, when it dropped to 4190.1 as measured at the Salt Air gauge location.  (Utah Division of Water Resources)

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