Mechanical Engineering

This guide features some of the Marriott Library's resources and services for mechanical engineers.

Additional Library Resources

The library carries a full set of ASTM standards (updated every 3 years), IEEE standards, the ANSI Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes, SAE - J series standards (in the "SAE Handbook"), most ACI standards (in the "ACI Manual of Concrete Practice"), and a smattering of ISO and other standards. Visit the Science & Engineering Library's Standards Page for more information and links to many standards issuing organizations.


Selected reference works located in the General Collection, Level 1
Besides scholarly literature, much information useful to engineers is in books, handbooks, & encyclopedias. A few of these very useful resources are listed below. This is *not* a complete list. The large majority of property data published over the last century is *not* available on the Internet, but is found in printed handbooks, looseleaf collections, and journals. Locating data takes perseverance and not every material or compound has published values for all possible properties. Consult one of the nearest reference help desk for assistance in locating property information. Nearly all of the selected reference works below have been published in the last 10-20 years.
An asterick (*) denotes a handbook searchable in the online database "EngNetBase".

Reference Book Call Number     Reference Book Call Number
Who's Who in Science and Engineering Q141 .W567 2001     CRC Handbook of Mechanical Engineering* TJ151 .C73 1998
Tables of Integrals, Series, and Products QA55 .G6613 2000     Handbook of Mechanical Engineering TJ151 .D813 1994
Integrals and Series (4 vol) QA308 .P7813 1986     Machinery's Handbook TJ151 .M3
Transforms (Math) and Applications QA601 .T73 2000     Mark's Mechanical Engineers' Handbook TJ151 .M37
Hazardous Chemicals Desk Reference T55.3. H3 L49 2002     Mechanical Enginees' Handbook (Kutz) TJ151 .M395 1986
Hazardous Materials Handbook T55.3. H3 P64 1996     Mechanical Engineer's Handbook (Marghitu) TJ151 .M396 2001
Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials T55.3. H3 S3 1992     Mechanical Engineer's Reference Book TJ151 .P35 1994
Handbook of Industrial Engineering T56.23 .H36 1992     Electromechanical Design Handbook TJ163 .W35 2000
Standard Handbook of Industrial Automation T59.5 .S68 1986     Encyclopedia of Energy Technology and the E nviron. TJ163.235 .E53 1995
Inventing and Patenting Sourcebook T339 .L38 1990     CRC Handbook of Energy Efficiency* TJ163.3 .C73 1997
Engineer in Training Reference Manual TA15 .L56 1990     Dudley's Gear Handbook TJ184 .D83 1991
Essential Engineering Information and Data TA151 .M34 1991     Encyclopedic Dictionary of Gears TJ184 .S76 1995
Occupational Ergonomics Handbook TA166 .O258 1999     International Encyclopedia of Robotics TJ210.4 .I57 1988
Human Factors Design Handbook TA166 .W57 1992     Control Handbook TJ213 .C6593 1996
Mathematical and Physical Data, Equations and
     Rules of Thumb
TA330 .G53 2001     Handbook of Control Systems Engineering TJ213 .W413 2001
Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations TA332 .S73 1995     Mechanical Design Handbook TJ230 .M433 1996
Handbook on Experimental Mechanics TA350 .H24 1993     Standard Handbook of Machine Design TJ230 .S8235 1996
Encyclopedia of Fluid Mechanics (8 vol) TA357 .E53 1986     CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering* TJ260 .C69 2000
Handbook of Hydraulic Resistance TA357 .I3413 1994     International Encyclopedia of Heat and Mass Transfer TJ260 .I579 1997
Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Engineering TA402 .E53 1986     Piping Handbook TJ415 .P54 1992
Handbook of Materials for Product Design TA403.4 .H365 2001     Hydraulic Handbook TJ843 .W37 1996
Encyclopedia of Advanced Materials TA404.8 .E53 1994     Modern Tribology Handbook TJ1075 .M567 2001
Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain TA407.2 .R6 2001     Tribology Data Handbook* TJ1075 .T755 1997
Formulas for Stress, Strain and Structural Matrices TA407.2 .P55 1994    

Tribology Handbook

TJ1075 .T762 1995
Corrosion Resistance Tables (3 vol) TA418.74 .S38 1995     Handbook of Batteries TK2901 .H36 2001
Comprehensive Composite Materials (6 vol) TA418.9.C6 C6344     SAE Handbook TL151 .S62
ASM (Metals) Handbook (20 vol) TA459 .M43 1990     Automotive Electronics Handbook TL272.5 .A982 1999
Metallic Materials Specification Handbook TA461 .R67 1992     Automotive Fuels Reference TP343 .O89 1995
Engineering Alloys TA483 .W64 1990     Handbook of Adhesives TP968 .H35 1990
Davis' Handbook of Applied Hydraulics TC145 .D3 1993     Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia (12 vol) TP1110 .P65 1996
ASHRAE Handbook - HVAC Systems and Equip. TH7005 .A825     Engineering Plasitcs and Composites TP1132 .E54 1990
National Fire Code TH9115 .N3     Metric Standards for Worldwide Manufacturing TS149 .K85 1996
ASTM Standards & Specifications Science Ref. Desk     Process/Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook TS156.8 .P764 1999
ANSI Boiler & Pressrue Vessel Codes Science Ref. Desk     Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology TS195.A2 .W55 1997
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