Psychology: MEDLINE (EBSCO)


MEDLINE is a medical database that will allow you to find up to date research about nutrition.


1. Go to the library homepage at and click on the Research Databases tab above the search box.

2. Click on the letter M for MEDLINE

3. Scroll down to MEDLINE (EBSCO) and click on the red title link.

4.Click on the Advanced Search option below the search box.

5. Click on the check box above the search box next to the phrase "Suggest Subject Terms." As you enter your keywords, the database will create a dropdown list of subject terms related to your keywords. Choose the ones that most closely match your topic, If there are not any, you can leave your keyword as is, or try searching synonyms.

6. Once you have entered your search terms, go to the Limit Your Results section underneath the search box. Use these limiters to narrow down. For instance, use the Date of Publication limiter to narrow down to articles from the last five years. Other limiters will let you narrow down to specific types of publications or other features of interest.

7 Go back to the top of the page and click on the search box

8. You will be taken to a page with lists of other subject headings (standardized keywords assigned by the database to articles). :ook through them and click on the check boxes to the left of the search terms that you want to include in your search. When you do this, another menu with subheadings related to that word will open, and you can choose from these, if you want, to narrow your search. When you are done, click on the Submit Search button.

9. The database search engine will retrieve a list of results. Click on the title of any of the items to see the abstract. If the item has a Check SFX link at the bottom, click there to try to find the full text of the article.

10.You will be taken to another page listing the title of the article and its source. If it is available online, there will be a link to the database that you can click on to get to the article.

11. If you get to a screen that says No electronic full text available, click on the Interlibrary Loan link to request the item from another library.

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