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This site will help you locate images, audio, text, or video with open copyright licenses.

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About this Guide

Use this guide to find material that you can freely use, share or modify beyond what the Fair Use Doctrine (and other exceptions) usually allows.

"Permission-free" usually means works that are either out-of-copyright and in the public domain or are licensed for use with a Creative Commons license.

Just a refresher...Copyright law gives authors/creators the exclusive right to do (and to authorize others to do) the following:

* To reproduce the work
* To prepare derivative works
* To distribute copies of the work
* To perform the work publicly
* To display the work publicly

If your use of someone else's work falls into these categories, you can rely on certain exceptions (such as Fair Use), but if the exceptions don't apply, you usually need to get permission. There are works--especially on the web--that are either out-of-copyright (i.e. in the public domain and don't require permission) or are already licensed for re-use. This guide will help you find those kinds of material.

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