NoodleTools: Create Notecards & Outlines

This ResearchGuide is designed to be a tutorial and offer instruction on how to create a NoodleTools account and use the service.

Creating Notecards & an Outline through the Sources and the Notecard Component in NoodleTools

There are two ways to add notecards to attach to your citations/sources.  This tutorial will lead you through the first way , which demonstrates creating notecards directly through your bibliography page and show the second way that you can create notecards, as well as develop your research project's outline: through the notecard component located on your project's dashboard.

Please consult "Video: Notecards and Outline"  for further clarification on using the Notecard Tabletop and Outline features.  It is is an excellent resource to help you understand note taking and outline building so that you may organize your thoughts, ideas, quotes , etc.

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