Copyright for the Fine & Performing Arts: Exercising Fair Use

This guide gives faculty and students--as practitioners of the arts--a working knowledge of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to copyright, and the fair use of copyrighted materials and others' works of art.

Fair Use Evaluation

Use these tools to gauge whether your use of copyrighted works is within your Fair Use rights.

Association of Research Libraries

Using Copyrighted Materials in Projects and Theses

The University of Utah's Graduate School now requires all dissertations and Master's theses to be distributed and archived in USpace: the University of Utah's institutional repository. USpace is a publicly accessible online archive, and your work will be publicly visible. If you have used substantial portions of someone else's copyrighted work in your dissertation or thesis materials, consider completing a "Fair Use Evaluation" or contacting the Copyright Librarian at Marriott Library to help you determine if you need to seek permission from the copyright holder(s).

Fair Use Best Practices in the Arts

A variety of arts and media organizations provide resources to guide you through the best practices for fair use.

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