Accessibility Room: Assistive Hardware

This guide describes the resources available for students with impairments in the Marriott Library Knowledge Commons

Perkins Brailler

image of the Perkins BraillerThe Perkins Brailler allows users to type letters in braille. The six keys on both sides of the space bar allow users to type different combinations of dots, similar to a typewriter. For more information about the Perkins Brailler check out this article in Wikipedia.

image of the Marriott Library accessibility room scanner  The accessibility room also has two high speed scanners thatstudents can use to scan textbooks or other items into Kurzweil. The Center for Disability Services cut the bindings off the book (which is legal according to ADA provisions so that students can scan them. There are scanning instructions next to each machine. Students can also get items scanned at the CDS office.

image of Marriott Library videophone

The accessible workstations over by 2130 M and MStat consulting also have a videophone. People who need to use it can get a remote to make it work. It provides video, camera, and access to a keyboard.

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