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All the resources discussed here can be found on the first floor of the Marriott Library. Sadtler Standard Spectra are found at QD453.S and is the Library’s most extensive set of actual spectra. There are alphabetical, molecular formula, chemical class, and chemical weight indexes, and supplements.  The collection will be easy to locate, just look for the rows of green bound volumes or loose-leaf binders. The corresponding indexes are also shelved here. The Library owns the following collections:

NMR Protein                                  NMR

Infrared Grating                             Ultra Violet

Raman                                            Florescence

Mass Spectral Data

Additional Sadtler resources include:

The Infrared Spectra Atlas of Monomers and Polymers located at QC463.P5I53

The Atlas of Near Infrared Spectra located at QC457.A77

Sadtler Guide to Carbon-13 NMR Spectra located at QC762.S33

TRC (Thermodynamic Research Center) Spectral Data are located down the aisle from the Sadtler collection at QD463.H These volumes are either brown or black in color and include:

Infrared                                        Raman

Mass Spectral Data                      Ultra Violet

Additional TRC resources include:

13C NMR located at QC762.A52

1H NMR located at QC762.T4

 You will find additional resources by browsing in the same location as the Sadtler and TRC collections and by conducting a search in USpace.

References and Guides

Web Resources-

The Chemisty Department's Research Facilities Web page.

Online text from Michigan State University with a chapter on Spectroscopy

About Raman Spectroscopy

Online text from the University of Rochestor, The Basics of NMR

Library Resources-

Visible and ultraviolet spectroscopy: analytical chemistry by open learning
QD96.A2 D47

Yaws' Thermophysical Properties of Chemicals and Hydrocarbons

Spectrometric identification of organic compounds
QD272.S6 S55 

***QD 271-272 is a good area to browse

Molecular spectra and molecular structure
QC451 .H464

Web Resources

General Web Sources for Spectra

This is an open source database containing spectral,
physical, biological, metabolic, toxicologic, and environmental data.  Spectral data may include IR, HNMR, C13 NMR, UV-Vis, electron impact, and mass spectra.

Dictionary of Organic Compounds

NIST Chemistry Webbook

IR, MS,  UV-Vis, electronic and vibrational spectra

SDBS Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds
MS,  13C, NMR, 1H, NMR,  ESR, IR, Raman

USGS Digital Spectral Library

UV/Near-IR spectra of minerals, mixtures, artificial, liquids and volatiles and vegetation

Web Sources for Specific Types of Spectra

Atomic & Microwave Spectra

Atomic Spectra Database -NIST

Diatomic Spectral Database  -NIST

Microwave Molecular Spectra -Knovel

Triatomic Spectral Database -NIST

Infrared Spectra (IR)

EPA/NIH mass spectral data base

NMR Spectra

13C, 1H, 15N and 31P NMR

FDM Raman Spectra of Organic Compounds

FDM Raman Spectra of USP Pharmaceuticals

X-ray Crystallography/Spectra

American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database

Bilboa Crystallographic Server

Crystallography Open Database

Database of Zeolite Structures [International Zeolite Association]

Reciprocal Net

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