Honors Writing: Your Library Catalog & Google Scholar

Intro to the Structure of Library Info, your Library Catalog, & Google Scholar

This Lesson has three parts:

 Part 1(Website)--Introduction to the Stucture of Library Information is an introduction to the way information, i.e., books, periodicals, audo-visual materials, maps, artifacts, etc., has traditionally been structured in order to find these items efficently and effectively.  This introduction is meant to reduce the confusion on why libraries have organized their stuff in specific ways.  As resources change, so does the way we categorize, classify and deliver information to you.

 Part 2(Tutorial)-- USearch is an introduction on how to find stuff that the Marriott Library owns and or has purchased access.  What this means is that we own what we have in physical form, but most (not all) of our electronic resources--article databases and e-books--are accessible as long as we continue to subscribe to their service.  The library catalog links you to much more than just what we have on our shelves.  This tutorial will show you how to locate materials (either specific titles or by specific authors, or by subject/topic), how to narrow or broaden your search using limiters according to type of resource (book, article, DVD), location (ARC, Quinney Law Library, Marriott LIbrary General Collection), date published, and so on. 

Part 3(Video)--Google Scholar is a short tutorial on how to use Google Scholar to find credible, valid research on a topic.  it is a great discovery tool that acts like regular Google, but hooks you up with academic databases and resources from other education institutions.  You can use Google Scholar to help you locate materials that the Marriott Library both owns and has access to.  Watch the tutorial and see how Google Scholar can help you with your research.

NOTE: A Google Scholar search box is below the Google Scholar tutorial.  Test it out to see how it works.


Tutorial: USearch-The Library Catalog

Click on the box to view to USearch research guide.

Website: Introduction to the Structure of Library Information

Click on the image to open up the website on a short introduction to the Structure of Library Information from the University of North Florida.

NOTE: You will be redirected to the page through the WayBack Machine.

Video: Google Scholar

Take It for a Test Drive! Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search
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