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Foreign and International Online Legal Resources: Home

A collection of online legal research resources relating to foreign and international law.


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Resource Key

 - University of Utah students, faculty and staff only. Off-campus access may be available for students, faculty and staff. Resource available to public patrons at University of Utah libraries.
 - S.J. Quinney College of law students, faculty & staff only. 
 - Resource requires password (please ask library staff to log you in).
Links without one of these keys are free and available to everyone.

Welcome to Our Foreign and International Law Links Guide

Welcome to the foreign and international law links guide maintained by the James E. Faust Law Library at the University of Utah. Here you will find links to online legal research resources for foreign and international law. Additional online legal research resources may be found on our other links guides:

Federal Legal Resources

Utah Legal Resources

Secondary Legal Resources

Please let us know if you have question or a suggestion for improving this guide!

The Difference Between Foreign and International Law

One question often asked by students is what is the difference between foreign law and international law? The difference is:

Foreign Law: The law of that jurisdiction as it applies to that those within that jurisdiction, and created by that jurisdiction. Example: The law of France as it applies to French citizens and visitors to France.

International Law: The law between two jurisdictions. Based upon a number of sources including treaties, United Nations Resolutions, and historic precedent. Example: The law used to resolve a dispute between France and Spain.

Off-Campus Access

Some resources are only available on-site within one of the University libraries.  These resources are designated with an appropriate icon. Students, faculty, and staff of the University of Utah can access these resources in our library or by using the off-campus access link. 

If you are not a student, staff or faculty member of the University of Utah, you must use one of our computers within our library or the Marriott Library. See the resource key located on each page for additional information.

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Legal Research Guides

Did you know . . .

Did you know there are many free international law research guides available online? 

If you need help getting started with an international or foreign legal research issue, try browsing one of the guides linked on the right. 

International and Foreign Law Research Guides

International Law Resources

Did you know ...

Did you know the United Nations Treaty Collection is available online?

The U.N. Treaty Collection is one of the most comprehensive collections of treaties between nations and it's all available for free from the United Nations webstie. Select the link on the right to explore this valuable resource.

Public International Law vs. Private International Law

Public international law governs the relationships among and between nations. Private international law deals with private relationships across national borders. Private international law is also called conflict of laws in the US. 

United Nations

General Resources on International Law

Private International Law

What is Private International Law?

Private international law deals with private relationships across national borders. This is also called conflict of laws in the US.  Examples of private international law topics include family law matters, recognition of judgment, torts, contracts, etc.


“Private international law is the body of conventions, model laws, national laws, legal guides, and other documents and instruments that regulate private relationships across national borders. Private international law has a dualistic character, balancing international consensus with domestic recognition and implementation, as well as balancing sovereign actions with those of the private sector. United States domestic law’s nearest equivalent to private international law would be interstate “conflict of laws” or “choice of laws.”” 

Don Ford, Private International Law, ASIL e-RG Electronic Resource Guide,

Steps in Private International Law Research:

  • Determine which jurisdictions are/may be involved
  • Consult secondary sources for background information
  • See if an international treaty, convention or other document governs
  • If a treaty or convention doesn’t govern, look for national law for the jurisdiction(s) – pay particular attention to choice of law provisions (See Foreign Law Resources tab)

Some Sources of Law:

  • National Law (I.e. French law, Mexican law, etc.)
  • Treaties and Conventions
  • Model Laws/Uniform Laws
  • Regional Instruments 

Additional Research Help:

 - CALI Lesson  – Private International Law Research by Tom Kimbrough 

Foreign Law Resources

Did you know ...

Did you know HeinOnline maintains a collection of constitutions from nations around the world?

Not only does the collection include constitutions from every nation around the world in it's original language, but it also has many English translations of national constitutions.

Foreign Law Resources

Foreign Law is the law of a jurisdiction as it applies to those within that jurisdiction. It is enacted by that jurisdiction's legislative body. Below are links to online resources for the law of foreign jurisdictions.


General Resources

Particular Nations

Did you know ...

Did you know the S.J. Quinney Law Library maintains a digital collection of Iraqi primary law?

As part of the Global Justice Project: Iraq, the library has gathered together a collection of primary law and legislative resources for the nation of Iraq. The Project was funded by two grants from the U.S. Department of State. Follow the link below for the Iraq - Global Justice Project to see the resources or learn more about the project.

Resources by Country Name

Marriott Library Eccles Library Quinney Law Library