Google Earth

An introductional guide to Google Earth with skills and tips for creating geospatial projects using the software.

Creating Tour Videos with Audio

This feature allows you to create videos of features you have created within your project or those that you manually navigate to (viewable only within Google Earth unless exported using Google Earth Pro).

  1. Begin by selecting the Record a Tour icon from the toolbar
  2. If you wish to add audio to your tour, select the microphone button, then press record (this can be added at a later time by re-recording the tour and selecting the microphone icon while the tour is recording)
  3. Select the record button on the toolbar and manually navigate around Google Earth or click and navigate features you have created in your project folder (for paths, you can click the play tour button to follow the path) (Note: you may need to adjust the tour settings from the Google Earth default located under preferences to a speed and angle you desire)
  4. When you are finished recording, select the record button again (the tour and audio you just recorded will begin playing automatically)
  5. Select the save button, name your tour and add any descriptive data you wish to include
  6. Select OK and you are finished
*Repeat steps 1 thru 6 to create additional tours

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