Portuguese 4630 Spring 2014 -- Literatura brasileira: Books in the library

Language and Literature (Books)

For those who enjoy browsing the shelves of a library hoping for a serendipitous find it can help to have an idea of where particular subjects are located.  The following lists will give the browsers among you a place to start.

Books on Portuguese as a language (philology, grammar, syntax, dictionaries) will be found at the north end of Level 2, between the call numbers PC5001 and PC5498, with most Portuguese-English dictionaries at PC5333.

Portuguese literature and the literature of Portuguese-speaking countries outside of Portugal will be found between the call numbers PQ9000 and PQ9999, as follows:

Portugal PQ9000-PQ9411

  • Individual authors and works to 1500 PQ9189
  • Individual authors and works 1500-1700 PQ9191-PQ9255
  • Individual authors 1701-1960 PQ9261
  • Individual authors 1961-2000 PQ9262-PQ9288
  • Individual authors 2001-      PQ9300-PQ9326

Galiza/Galícia PQ9450-PQ9469

Brasil PQ9500-P9698

  • General works on Brazilian literature PQ9511
  • Literary history and criticism, 20th century PQ9553-PQ9555
  • Individual authors and works to 1800 PQ9696
  • Individual authors 1801-1960 PQ9697
  • Individual authors 1961-2000 PQ9698.1-PQ9698.36
  • Individual authors 2001-       PQ9698.4-PQ9698.436

Angola PQ9920-PQ9929

Moçambique PQ9930-PQ9939

Cabo Verde PQ9942

Guiné-Bissau PQ9945

São Tomé e Príncipe PQ9948

Ásia PQ9950-PQ9959


Some books of interest

Here are some books in our collection related to the general topic of this course:

Land of metaphorical desires : the representation of Amazonia in Brazilian literature, by Pedro Maligo (New York : Peter Lang, 1998); call number:  PQ9552.M35 1998

A vanguardia literária no Brasil : bibliografia e antologia crítica, by K. David Jackson (Frankfurt am Main : Vervuert, 1998); call number:  PQ9554.V36 1998

Third world literary fortunes : Brazilian culture and its international reception, by Piers Armstrong (Lewisburg : Bucknell University Press, 1999); call number:  PQ9555.A76 1999

The muffled cries : the writer and literature in authoritarian Brazil, 1964-1985, by Nancy T. Baden (Lanham : University Press of America, 1999); call number:  PQ9555.B29 1999

Ver e imaginar o outro : alteridade, desigualdade, violência na literatura brasileira contemporânea, edited by Regina Dalcastagnè (Vinhedo : Editora Horizonte, 2008); call number:  PQ9555.V47 2008

De anchieta aos concretos : poesia brasileira no jornal, by Mário Faustino (São Paulo : Companhia das Letras, 2003); call number:  PQ9571.F38 2003

Metaphors of oppression in lusophone historical drama, by Bonnie S. Wasserman (New York : Peter Lang, 2003); call number:  PQ9593.H57 W37 2003

Brazilian narrative traditions in a comparative context, by Earl E. Fitz (New York : Modern Language Association of America, 2005); call number:  PQ9597.F58 2005

A coreografia do desejo : cem anos de ficção brasileira, by Maria Angélica Guimarães Lopes (Cotia : Ateliê Editorial, 2001); call number:  PQ9603.L66 2001

Os cem melhores contos brasileiros do século, edited by Italo Moriconi (Rio de Janeiro : Editora Objetiva, 2010); call number:  PQ9676.C35 2010

Cannibal modernities : postcoloniality and the avant-garde in Caribbean and Brazilian literature, by Luis Madureira (Charlottesville : University of Virginia Press, 2005); call number:  PN849.C3 M333 2005

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