When Machines Decide: The Promise and Peril of Living in a Data-Driven Society: Learning Objectives

Honors 3700-002, Fall, 2016-Spring 2017 Thursdays 2:00 pm-5:00 pm MHC 1205

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, you will have:

  1. Gained an in-depth understanding of the substantive legal, policy and ethical dimensions of big data, predictive analytics, machine learning and automated decision-making and related technologies through exposure to a variety of sources of information and diverse perspectives.
  2. Established a collaborative, self-directed, group oriented learning experience in a conducive environment.
  3. Developed critical and reflective thinking skills that apply the substantive knowledge gained to the world around you and in new settings and to new issues.
  4. Conceived, designed and implemented a team project that addresses a contemporary issue in our data driven society which will have educational value and/or social utility beyond the course.
  5. Developed organizational, communication, decision-making and other interpersonal skills necessary to identify, set and accomplish a group objective or goal.
  6. Improved your scholarly research, speaking and presentation skills.
  7. Produced tangible work product that evidences intellectual rigor and practical competence that may useful in pursuing future employment or further education.
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