Business & Humanities (BUS 3900-002): Visions of Sustainability: Companies

This guide will accompany a library teaching session and can be used to strategically explore and link the conversations of sustainability from many different perspectives.

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Business and Sustainability Suggestions

STEP #1: Brainstorming a list of company names to research further
In any business database you can just start tossing in keywords and you'll get some results -but how can you go through 10,000 search results in a search for a company?  I will demo this in class -but I also make a quick video in the "quick tutorials" tab above:

Business Source Premiere
Business articles ranging from the casual review of a vacuum cleaner by a popular magazine all the way up to a scholarly analysis of a management process at the Toyota corporation.  Great place to do much of your research: look at practices, innovations, attitudes, market motivators, politics, etc.

Proquest Newsstand
Hundreds of U.S. newspapers reporting on just about everything.  While there are no scholarly articles here, the ability to search and sift through the conversations of the people of the United States over the last 20 years will give good insight to your company and their practices.

STEP #2: Industry Present and Future

IBISWorld Industry Research
Companies wish to be competitive and will take an active role in researching what others are doing in their particular industry to compare performance, look for future trends and threats.  While this isn't necessarily a scholarly work, it is highly authoritative and credible.

TIP: As you go through IBISWorld industry reports -take care to record the name of each industry that interests you -and their specific North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) number.  You can search in the databases above and below specifically using this number (and the open web too).

STEP #3: Company Info 

Mergent Online & Mergent Intellect
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reminds us that publicly traded companies have to report some vital information to shareholder.  These reports allow for rich company information databases like Mergent to link industry and company data together -but you can also use this to create a good list of competitors as well.  Search by company name, competitor name, NAICS number.

TIP: The SEC reports are rather sterile and intentionally so -companies will spin up marketing rich annual reports to send information to shareholders -you can find these in the Mergent database, but I encourage you to also visit the company websites as well.  They want to be found by interested investors like yourself and may help direct your research (back into databases listed here).

STEP #4: Others to see

Materials Business File
Not unlike Business Source Premier, worth a visit.

Subject Guide

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Keywords to try

Try these keywords:

"cradle to grave" and life cycle analysis
"cradle to cradle"
environmental management systems (EMS)
environmental certification
environmental impact
environmental performance
divesting (or divestments) -fossil fuels
corporate responsibility
corporate social responsibility
eliminating waste
service and flow
service leasing
lean manufacturing
environmental stewardship

iso 14001 (certification)
B corporation (certification)

"services and flow"
buying and leasing and service and sustainability

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