How to search the Archives Unbound?

How to search Archives Unbound collections available through Marriott Library

To use Archives Unbound:

1. Click on Databases tab under the Search box.


2. Click on the letter A.


3. Scroll down to Archives Unbound. In the new page, type your keywords in the Basic Search. You can select Collections which held by our library or select Free Index to search all collections. The Free Index lists all of the Archives Unbound Collections. You will not have access to collections not held by Marriott Library.


4. You may use Advanced Search which can help you find more specific results. To limit your search, you can use the operators (AND, OR or NOT), type more key words adding more rows, or select other options in the page.


5. You can limit your search to a collection. Under the Basic Search box mark on Collection and click on Select button to open a list in a new page. In the list you can select some interested collections or click on mark All Collection on the top left to select all collections. Also, you can limit the results by the years of publication or language.


6. Als, you can mark the Category and click on Select button. In the new page, you can select some or all categories from the list.


7. You may click on Browse Collections and View All Documents to see them all, or click on About this Collection to read more about that collection.


8. When you search, for example, about African Americans, you can see the number of results and select one or more results or hit on Mark All to select all results. Also you have several other options: View Document, Full Citation and About this Collection.


9. If you click on View Document to open, you will see several options there in the new page.



8. On the top right corner, there are some helpful signs. By clicking on those signs, you can:

       1. print,

       2. email, or

       3. download the file. You also can

       4. use citation tools, or

       5. make a bookmark for the page for later use.


10. When you open a page, there are some options on the top right corner. Those signs make possible for you to work on the paper and change it as you wish. It is easy to use them when open and click on them one by one.



11. Archives Unbound has a useful Help option on the top of the page. You can read and follow the instructions.




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