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A guide to information resources sponsored by the DOE and accessible to the University of Utah academic community.

Welcome to DOE Resources

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The Department of Energy (DOE) is responsible for encouraging and supporting scientific research into energy science and technology. In conjunction wth this mission, the DOE provides guidance to the government with regards to energy policy and development. 

Assisting the DOE, the subsidiary offices of the Energy Information Administration (EIA) and the Office of Science and Technical Information provide resources for the dissemination of technical information, statistics and data.

This guide provides information in the following areas: 

Offices within the DOE

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The Department of Energy (DOE) is responsible for sponsoring scientific research and advocating energy policy which supports America's best interests.

The Office of Scientific & Technical Information (OSTI) is the office responsible for the collection & dissemination of DOE research and technical information.

The EIA provides statistics and analysis with regards to U.S. and world energy usage. Also, the EIA provides the public with information on relevant issues in Energy.

The DOE is comprised of 59 different offices, agencies, and labs. These offices maintain separate libraries that the user may find interesting.

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