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Podcast Booth

Instructions and introduction to the Podcast Booth located in Protospace. Level 2. Marriott Library

Podcast Booth


This Libguide serves as an introduction and use guide on recording audio in the Podcast Booth

Located on Level 2 of Protospace in the Marriott Library.


Scope Note: The Podcast Booth is a user scheduled, soundproof recording facility housed in a public space within the Library. That space is called Protospace.

It is meant to complement the Audio Studio located within the Faculty Center which requires staff scheduled usage.

Users can record decent audio using a Snowball microphone and Audacity digital audio recorder.



Caveat: Use of the Podcast Booth is for recording audio only. It is not to be used as a study space nor is it intended for media editing.

1. Schedule 1 hour appointment on the Library Scheduler:

2. Enter the booth, close the door, turn on monitor located on top of the cabinet.

3. Enter UNID and password credentials.


4. Click Audacity icon on the Desktop:

5. Place Snowball microphone on foam pad to bring mic closer to your mouth. DO NOT REMOVE FOAM PAD FROM BOOTH!

6. Within Audacity, click the red recording button - located on the northwest corner of the template -  and begin your conversation. The waveform should begin to "paint" audio.


7. When finished with your recording session, click the spacebar to stop.

8. To listen to playback, turn on monitor speakers on cabinet. Use cursor to "scrub" back along waveform.  Press space bar to sample recorded audio.

9. When finished recording. Export Audio.

  • File
  • Export 
  • Export as: .WAV, .MP3, etc.

Save to Desktop and upload to cloud storage such as Ubox, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Or export to USB external drive via USB slot(s) mounted to the table.

10. When finished recording/exporting, logout of computer, remove any flash drives and exit the Podcast Booth.

11. There are Media Editing computers next to the Podcast booth if you would like to freshly edit your recording session. 




If something is not working correctly per the instructions above:

1. Go to Knowledge Commons desk for immediate, potential assistance.

2. Contact: Robert Nelson - Head of Media Studios - for input, feedback, constructive criticism, suggestions and the like. He will get back to you as soon as he is able to assist.

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