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need proof illustration from 1913Ahoy there Strategizers for College Success!  There is a lot going on in your classes, to be sure, but the librarians here at the Marriott Library are here to help -please contact any of us at any time -and not just with questions about research.  We work with people all over campus and we're so well connected that you can be assured that if we don't know the answer to your question -we will know someone who does.  Here's a guide to getting ideas and doing research with resources we purchase just for you:

Basic/Brainstorming:example: I have no idea what to write about
www.lib.utah.edu > research databases (tab) > C > Credo Reference (change to "mind map" search -very cool)
www.lib.utah.edu > research databases (tab) > C > CQ Researcher

Intermediate/Making Progress: example: I have ideas, but I need to know more
www.lib.utah.edu > Usearch (tab) (this search is a mix of everything)
www.lib.utah.edu > research databases (tab) > P > Proquest Newsstand (hundreds of newspapers)
www.lib.utah.edu > research databases (tab) > A > Academic Search Premier (mix of everything)

Advanced/Scholarly Only: ex.: I know exactly what I want to say, and want evidence to support it
www.lib.utah.edu > research databases (tab) > J > JSTOR
www.lib.utah.edu > research databases (tab) > S > Scopus
‚Äčand there are other subject specific databases to recommend, depending on your topic -email me at dale.larsen@utah.edu, I'd love to help! -dale


Note, here's the citation (in APA format -generated with our database called NoodleTools) of the illustration at the top of this page:
Bosch Magneto Company. (1913). Carefully compiled statement of the Bosch Magneto 
     Company [Advertisement]. Motorcycle Illustrated8(Jan-Jun), 90.

Subject Guide

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Dale Larsen

I love to help with your research: from just seeing the assignment, to wrapping up with citation management -drop me a line or come by 1726C on the first floor of the Marriott Library

Send me an e-mail -I'd love to hear from you!

Librarian Visit?

Instructors!  Whether you're in the Educational Psychology program, or not, the Marriott Library offers support in the form of librarian consultations, class visits or other services that can contribute to the success of the students in your classes.  If you would like more information, or even just a simple guide like this one made specifically for your class, contact me at dale.larsen@utah.edu and I'd be happy to help!

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