Asian Studies: Web Resources

Web Resources


Need a web browser that can display CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) characters? Download and install NJStar Asian Explorer 1.1, available at It's free and works quite well.


  • Asia Source - From the Asia Society, this web site offers information about Asian culture, social issues, politics, and news.
    CIA World Factbook - Brought to you by none other than your CIA. This is a good source for basic geographic and demographic information on every country in Asia. Updated annually.
  • East Asia and Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources - Breaks down links by country. Also has sections for current hot topics.
    Portal to Asia Internet Resources  - From the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Digital Asia Library collects links to websites suitable for Asian Studies research in higher education.
  • New books, art and the Asian People's Directory with many links to organizations and
    societies of interest.   






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