Google Maps: Setting Up a Map

An introductional guide to Google Maps with skills and tips for creating geospatial projects using the software.

Preparing Your Map Project

Once you have created or signed into your Google account, you are ready to begin creating your own custom maps to share with others.  This process begins by going to the my places tab and selecting create map. 


A pop-up tab will appear asking you to give your map a name and description.  You also have the option of how you would like your map to be shared, whether with the public or a select group of individuals.  Once you have added the descriptive data, click save and you are ready to begin adding features to your map.


An added feature you may want to choose for your map at this time are one of the different basemaps available for display.  Google Maps offers satellite images, standard maps and a Google Earth plug-in for 3D viewing.  Each basemap offers a new way of presenting your map while providing additional information to your presentation.


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