Google Maps

An introductional guide to Google Maps with skills and tips for creating geospatial projects using the software.

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Navigation Controls

Google Maps offers navigation tools to easily move around your map and locate places at the click of a button.

The first tool for navigation allows you to move around your 2D map, changing the view to the North, South, East or West.  In satellite mode, you can change the view 360 degrees to examine a location through different viewing angles.

Google Maps also offers a zoom feature for obtaining detailed views of a location.  Simply use the slider to move in and out to a desired extent.  Additionally, you will also notice a pegman above the zoom slider.  This feature controls the Street View imagery for examining a location in a way that creates the experience of standing there yourself.  Simply click and drag the pegman onto a location on your map you wish to view at street level and release your mouse button.  Instantly, you are taken into Street View mode and can examine the location in greater detail.

When locating places on your map, you have the option of either manually navigating to a place or by using the search bar at the top of the screen.  The search bar is very easy to use and allows you to locate places by name, type or street address.

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