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Just click on the Email Me link below the photos in the profile boxes to the left or send an email to: lis.pankl@utah.edu or jay.colbert@utah.edu

Lis has a BA and MA in English with a strong background in 20th century American & British Literature. Her PhD is in Feminist Geography. She can help you research on a wide variety of topics!

To find out more about her professional & scholarly profile please visit her website

Jay has a BA in English, with a strong focus on English language modern and postmodern prose, poetry, and literary theory. They have also studied German and Japanese literature, media, and culture, as well as English language medieval and Early Modern prose and poetry. The authors they are most knowledgeable about are T.S. Eliot, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, the Pearl Poet and Neil Gaiman. They can help you research on a wide variety of topics!

How to Research This Topic

When starting your research in English, start by gathering background information on your topic. Tertiary sources, such as encyclopedias and reference databases, are good places to start.

Search for books in the USearch catalog. Try keywords like History and criticism, as well as synonyms for your topic. If you are having trouble finding anything relevant, please don't hesitate to ask a librarian!

When you need scholarly articles to support your research, start by searching for your topic in one of our many research databases. Use keywords that are the important points of your topic.

If you need to brush up on your literary theory, the library has many resources you can use, including books and databases.

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