LaTeX for the Health Sciences

Make your writing process easier by letting LaTeX take care of the formatting. Resources highlighted in this guide are focused on the health sciences but are generally useful for anyone looking for LaTeX help.

How do I create bibliographies?

Where can I find BibTeX entries?

You can get BibTeX entries in a few different ways:

A) From any database

  1. Export directly to the BibTeX format option, if available.
  2. Export and import citations to your favorite reference manager and then export it to BibTeX format (.bib file).
  3. Some databases, like Google Scholar, show you the metadata so you can copy and paste the text directly into the .bib file. It doesn't matter where in the file, but keep the block together and perhaps change the key name to something you would remember for citing later.

B) Hand coding entries into your BibTeX database. Not recommended but sometimes unavoidable, especially for unindexed literature or other uncommon resource types.

C) Use a tool:

How can I organize my references?

Most of the commonly used reference/citation managers (EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley, etc.) will have an option to export to a BibTeX database. It is highly recommended that you use one. Citation libraries can also be exported from one manager to another if you want to try different software.

There are also citation managers designed to work specially with BibTeX. Here are a couple:

Where can I find style guides?

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Google Web Search

You will probably find an answer to your issue through a google search but these sites below are especially helpful since they are communities of (La)TeX users.