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What are scoping reviews?

Scoping reviews are a type of evidence synthesis that aims to systematically identify and map the breadth of evidence available on a particular topic, field, concept, or issue, often irrespective of source (ie, primary research, reviews, non-empirical evidence) within or across particular contexts. Scoping reviews can clarify key concepts/definitions in the literature and identify key characteristics or factors related to a concept, including those related to methodological research.  - from Munn, et al. What are scoping reviews? Providing a formal definition of scoping reviews as a type of evidence synthesis. JBI Evid Synth. Apr 1 2022;20(4):950-952. doi:10.11124/JBIES-21-00483

Manual for conducting scoping reviews:

Chapter 10: Scoping Reviews (2020 version).

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Articles on methods:

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