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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Policy for Pedagogical Development

In 2020, the University of Utah's Vice President for Equity and Inclusion, Dr. Mary Ann Villarreal, tasked a group of staff and faculty to investigate and report on policies worldwide that encourage ongoing pedagogical development that is centered on div


Assessment of the implementation
[Note: all references appear in the bibliography page]
While assessment of campus or even department levels of change is probably beyond the scope of this report, here are two notable examples that came up in the literature.  The committee strongly encourage advocacy in the form of teaching grants, research funding, etc. in partnership with PAC-12 partner institutions to build research on assessment

Assessment can, and should occur, at many levels
…inequality plays out and can be analyzed at every level of social organization, from the most individual and personal, to the most abstract and societal (Adams, 2016).

Survey (very open ended) example
'(A survey) could be used to assess many types of policies that organizations might have. In addition, a survey could be used over time to see if policies have changed for individual organizations or at a population level. Indicators of improved policies could include the number of organizations that have adopted policies around a particular issue and/or the number of policies that conform to elements of effective policy that have been identified based on a review of research.

Survey items could address:
1 Whether an organization has an officially adopted policy about a particular issue
2 The elements of the policy
3 How the policy is attended to and / or enforced
4 Perceived effectiveness of the policy & satisfaction with the policy. ' (Kaplan & Lewis, 2013). 

Also see "Transformational Tapestry Model" (Rankin & Reason, 2008) in the bibliography list below

What are reasonable goals for a five-year plan for the university and college/departmental levels?

  • Academic departments have completed an inclusive pedagogy workshop series with assessment tools in place
  • Academic departments have conducted an inclusive/antiracist curriculum assessment across all courses
  • All course syllabi have a diversity/inclusivity statement
  • Academic departments have an EDI committee that has an inclusive pedagogy component
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