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Biomedical and Health Literature

Find health and biomedical literature, by searching the following:


Find biomedicine and life science protocols and methods:

Medical Codes

Step 1: Discover relevant CPT, ICD-9, and ICD-10 Codes:


Stat!Ref includes ebooks for these codes and ICD-9 and ICD-10 converter tools.


Use these or other books from the library's catalog, USearch:


Step 2: After locating relevant medical codes, use HCUP to find data and statistics:

FDA Compliance

Learn about FDA compliance:

Some devices, games, and apps may require FDA oversight. Use the resources below to determine if your project needs additional steps.

Industry Standards for Devices

If you find a standard online, you can request the standard via Interlibrary Loan or email the SHEM team.

There are a handful of industry standards available in the Libraries' print collections - use USearch, the library's catalog, to locate those.

We also have access to standards through the following databases:

Other guides

Browse other health guides:

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