Utah Physician PubMed Full-Text: Google Scholar

The Eccles Health Sciences Library at the University of Utah is spearheading an initiative to enable Utah-licensed physicians (MDs and DOs) to retrieve full-text articles from PubMed without encountering a publisher paywall.


If you generally use Google to search for information, we recommend that you use Google Scholar, instead. Google Scholar searches a wide range of “scholarly” content, rather than the entire web, thereby steering you towards content that has been peer reviewed and published in reputable medical journals.

Google Scholar

Step 1

Go to https://scholar.google.com/


Step 2

Enter your search terms.  See example:


Step 3

Identify a search result that addresses your inquiry.  See below:
Notice: (1) hyperlink to article you want to read; (2) Options to filter by date ranges; (3) Option to filter by article type; (4) Related searches you may want to consider utilizing.


Step 4

Click on the hyperlink of the article you want to read.  This will open the article on its host site (often the publisher’s website).

Notice: (1) This article is behind a paywall. To get full-text here, you would need to purchase it; (2) the article title.


Step 5

Copy the article title, using your browser’s Ctrl-C function.


Step 6

 Paste the title into the Search Box of the customized PubMed interface.  Click Search


Step 7

If PubMed finds an exact match, the article abstract page will open (see below):


Step 8

Find and click on the Get Full-Text in Article Galaxy icon.