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Guide to Organizing Digital Files

Information about Copyrighted Material

We accept materials within a collection that are copyrighted by others in certain circumstances, however, we prefer not to preserve materials that are published and likely preserved elsewhere including: 

  • Copies of published books or chapters of books
  • Copies of published newspaper articles
  • Copies or photographs of published poetry, art, or other creative material for which you are not the creator or do not own the copyright. 
  • Copies of commercial materials including popular films and music, advertising content, magazines, etc. 
  • Copies of material already in Special Collections

If there is content that we will not accept, we will return it to you. 

Potential Exceptions

We prefer not to accept published or commercially produced items, however, there are exceptions including:

  • Digitized copies of scrapbooks which may include newspaper articles, advertisements, etc. 
  • News stories featuring the creator, collector, or other relevant party
  • Other commercially produced items for which you or other relevant party are the creator
  • Unpublished manuscripts or files of commercially distributed items 

There may be other exceptions; please consult with us as necessary. 

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