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AI - Artificial Intelligence at the University

A guide to policies and tools related to Artificial Intelligence


AI and the University of Utah

Artificial Intelligence (AI) encompasses a field within computer science focused on developing systems designed to perform tasks—such as learning, decision-making, problem-solving, and natural language comprehension—that usually necessitate human intelligence.

AI is impacting broad swaths of society, and higher education is no exception. The University of Utah continues to adapt and incorporate technology elements into research and teaching efforts. Below are a list of how the U of U is participating in the conversation.

Guidance Provided by the Center for Teaching Excellence on AI Tools and Pedagogy:
Use guidelines by University IT Leadership: 
At the U post about the University's initiative regardingartificial intelligence (AI) that aims to responsibly use advanced AI technology to tackle societal issues:
Guidelines and responsible use advice on AI and University branding/branded property:
Article on Applied AI research at the University:
VPR Statement on the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Research


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