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AI - Artificial Intelligence at the University

A guide to policies and tools related to Artificial Intelligence

Chat Tools

  • ChatGPT: LLM Chatbot that is often used to help people draft essays, clean up code, brainstorm for products in development, or simply have a nice conversation.
  • Aria: Aria is a conglomerate of several LLM Chatbot AIs built to help Opera web browser users with their time on the internet. Aria has been pre trained by ChatGPT and Google Gemini, alongside some of Opera’s own training.
  • Google Gemini: Formerly known as Bard, Google Gemini is an LLM chatbot. It was originally developed to be a direct competitor to ChatGPT, as such, it does most of the same things as ChatGPT.
  • MS Copilot: Built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-4, MS Copilot is a general LLM chatbot built into Windows 11. MS Copilot operates on a freemium model in which most features can be used for free, but some features are locked behind a $20.00 monthly subscription model.
  • Consensus: An AI powered search engine designed to give users the general academic consensus on a topic, thus the name, Consensus AI is helpful for finding academic papers on a subject the user is researching. 
  • Dall-E: a Text-To-Image Model developed by OpenAI to create images based on a text prompt, the current iteration, Dall-E 3 has also been integrated into ChatGPT 3, creating a seamless user experience between the two models.
  • Midjourney: A text-to-image model developed by the research lab by the same name, Midjourney AI is similar to OpenAI’s Dall-E, the tool is currently in open beta, although it does better with illustrative prompts than photorealistic ones.
  • DeepBrain AI: a text to video AI model, DeepBrain AI is used to create simple video projects from a text based prompt, useful for creating storyboards or concept videos as a rough cut for a larger project.
  • Synthesia: A text to video AI model, Synthesia AI is best used to generate a simple video presentation with pre generated characters. It’s often used to create simple e-learning lectures for online schools.
  • Fireflies: an online note taking application powered by AI, Fireflies AI is designed to listen in on zoom calls or other chat tools, and make notes on or transcribe conversations to be read back later. 
  • Otter AI: an online note taking application powered by AI, Otter AI is very similar to Fireflies AI, although their pricing model is different. Otter AI is free to use, although several features are locked behind a monthly subscription model to use.
  • Alli AI: an AI powered Search Engine Optimization tool, Alli AI is designed to read through code for optimization.
  • AlphaCode: a part of the larger Deepmind AI program, AlphaCode is designed to help users generate code in several programming languages by building a basic framework for programmers to build off of.
  • Character AI: an AI chatbot made to emulate certain characters for users to talk to. Several characters are user made, so there’s varying levels of quality with this tool.
  • Duet AI: Similar to AlphaCode AI, Duet AI is designed to help programmers generate code to perform a certain task defined by the user. Duet, however, will only help you optimize your code, or streamline the actual process of writing your code.
  • QuillBot: an ai tool developed in 2017 to help users paraphrase text or check for grammar or spelling errors in a text. 
  • Chatsonic: also known as Writesonic, and built on top of GPT3.5 and GPT4, Chatsonic is a company that develops AI tools for content creation
  • Caffe: Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding AKA Caffe is an open source deep learning framework made for rapid prototyping of features in AI programs. Caffe has since been succeeded by Caffe2 which was later merged into PyTorch. Caffe is still used today in academic research, and due to its open sourced nature, has been adapted into many AI tools.
  • PyTorch: Pytorch is a AI framework tool that is designed with a python and C++ interface made to help users make deep learning algorithms for many applications, PyTorch is more technical than many tools, as it’s main purpose is to streamline the process of developing deep learning algorithms, and has been as a base for tools like Tesla Autopilot, Uber’s Pyro, Hugging Face’s Transformers, and Catalyst.
  • Descript: An AI powered video editing tool, Descript is typically used to help editors quickly make short to midform videos for online video sharing services like Youtube or TikTok. 
  • GitHub Copilot: a code completion tool developed by GitHub and OpenAI designed to help users speed up coding software by autocompleting code for them, it’s currently integrated into JetBrains IDE systems for Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go. GitHub Copilot is focused almost entirely toward aiding programming with few other features. 
  • Jasper: Jasper is an AI assistant made for corporations to help them improve company messaging, and streamline team communication, generate content like schedules, in house memos, blog posts, and images. It also has an analytics tool to help management improve output of content or product. 
  • Lumen5: a video generating AI tool made to generate high quality short form video that can be stitched together with its integrated video editing tool to quickly make photorealistic videos.
  • LyricStuido: A Large Language Model designed to help musicians write lyrics that keep rhythm, The AI operates like a co-writer, giving several suggestions to the user, designed more to help artists when they’re stuck, rather than writing the full song for them.
  • Pictory: an AI video suite, made to generate, edit, dub, subtile, and add music to short form video content, its text to video tools is not as powerful as some, but its other tools create a smooth workflow to create a product from beginning to end in a matter of a few minutes.
  • TensorFlow: a free and open-source software library designed by GoogleBrain for Google’s internal use in research. It was initially made as a competitor to PyTorch, TensorFlow has since been used as a framework for many AI tools for Google like the Gemini LLM. TensorFlow also has specific hardware designed for it called a Tensor processing unit (TPU) made to provide high throughput of low precision arithmetic and oriented toward using or running models, rather than training them. 
  • Worldtune: an AI writing assistant, Worldtune is made to help users fix grammatical errors, and provide suggestions based on the context and meaning of the rest of the document.
  • SchoolAI: Powered by GPT4, SchoolAI is made to help students learn a topic and their teachers to seamlessly step in and monitor the AI’s responses. It can be used to generate lesson plans, assignments, tests, and quizzes for a teacher which can be easily edited to better fit lesson goals, students can then use the tool to make practice quizzes, or ask the AI to expand or condense lessons as needed it also has analytical tools to help teachers see what students need help with, and where they’re doing well. 
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