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CRL Databases (Center for Research Libraries, Chicago). Includes microfilm copies of newspapers from around the world and primary documents.
History On-Line "History On-Line provides high-quality information resources for the teaching and learning of history. There are currently over 40,000 records providing details of books and articles, UK university lecturers, UK current and past research, and evaluated links to web sites and on-line resources.
Internet Modern History Sourcebook (Halsall)
Internet Resources in History
Social Sciences and History (WESS)
World History Archives. Historiography and more.
WWWVL History

Historical Research in Europe "This project is intended to assist researchers who are planning to use European libraries and archives."
Repositories of Primary Sources. A listing of over 3400 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar.
Women's History (WWVL)
World History Sources (Center for History and the New Media, George Mason University). An interactive tool for finding and teaching sources, analyzing documents and historical evidence, as discussed by scholars in the field.

ICPSR Sample data available: Analysis of Arrests in Paris, June 1848; Argentina Domestic Violence and Economic Data, 1955-1972; Brazilian Elites, 1960; British Economic Imperialism, 1869-1914; British House of Common Roll Call Data, 1841-1847; Internal Colonialism Study: National Integration in the British Isles, 1851-1966; Disturbances in France, 1830-1860 and 1930-1960b; Economic Data for France, 1833-1925; Escalation of Great Power Disputes: Deterrence Versus Structural Realism, 1816-1984; English County Borough Data, 1951-1967; French Legislators, 1871-1940, biographical data; U.S. and U.S.S.R. Crises, 1946-1976 and Wheat Trade and Wheat Prices in France, 1486-1913.
These, and other data sets, may be found by searching under specific countries. Contact the General Reference desk for additional information.
CESSDA (Social Sciences Data Archive-Europe).
Latin America and the Caribbean Quantitative Data
NESSTAR (Networked Social Science Tools and Resources) End user interface for searching, analyzing and downloading data and documentation.

Heritage Map Museum Over 1,000 old maps, various countries.
Historical Atlas of the 20th Century Places, events and statistics included.
IEG Server for digital historical maps at the Institute of European History at Mainz. "Auf dem Server liegen Karten zur deutschen und europäischen Geschichte seit 1800, die nicht nur als "Bilder" online betrachtet werden können, sondern auch als digitale Grundgeometrien zum - bei persönlicher Nutzung kostenfreien - Download bereitstehen."

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