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Books and materials about mathematics, math education, recreational math and other math topics are located in the Marriott Library.  Marriott Library materials may be located using Usearch, the University of Utah catalog.

The Math Tutoring Center is located in room 155 of the T. Benny Rushing Mathematics Center (next door to JWB).

Welcome to the Marriott Library!

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The librarians at Marriott Library are here to help with all of your research needs.
Stop by the Knowledge Commons desk, make an appointment with a librarian,
or ask us a question via our e-mail reference service - we'll be happy to help!

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Service Desks

Welcome to the Marriott Library. We are here to helpService Desks are located on all five levels of the Marriott Library.  The best place to get both research and technology assistance is the Knowledge Commons on Level 2.

A patron is receiving tech help at the Knowledge Commons desk in the Marriott Library, another patron is checking out a phone charging cable from the Knowledge Commons desk.

Level 1 includes:

The Library Information Desk just inside the West Entrance and to the left

Level 2 includes
The Knowledge Commons desk in the Knowledge Commons

  • Computer and technology support
  • Technology equipment checkout
  • Research assistance
  • Classroom support
  • Group study room support
  • Poster printing
  • Printing support and payment

Level 3 includes

The Library Information Desk inside the East Entrance

Level 4

The Special Collections desk across the atrium on the west side of the building

  • Special Collections reference service
  • Special Collections holds and requests

Level 5

The Administration desk inside the glass doors next to the elevators

Math Subject Specialist

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Many thanks to University of Utah librarian Amy Brunvand, who contributed to the development of this guide.

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