Juvenile (K-12) Collection: Awards for children's books

A brief guide to the Marriott Library's Juvenile Collection.

American awards for children's and young-adult literature

Over the years one focus of the Juvenile Collection has been award-winning books.  Most of the following 40 awards should be represented in our collection by at least one copy of each winning title (the year the award began is in brackets).  The American awards are listed first, followed by the Canadian and British awards, and finally two international awards.  Most of these awards honor the author, illustrator or publisher of an individual work; three of them, though, are given for an author's or illustrator's body of work.

To find any of these award-winning books in our catalog, do a phrase search (using quotation marks) for the title of the award as listed below (except for the year at the end).  Then narrow your results using the Collection facet, on the right side of the screen when looking at search results in the catatalog -- clicking on Juvenile Collection (or Marriott Reserve) will restrict the display to items in that collection.  If there is no Collection facet, just click on Books under the Resource Type facet, and all of the results should be in the Juvenile Collection.

Canadian awards for children's and young-adult literature

British awards for children's and young-adult literature

International awards for children's and young-adult literature

Unlike most of the American, Canadian and British awards listed above, which honor individual works, the two awards listed below honor an author's or illustrator's overall contribution to the field of juvenile literature.  We endeavor to have representative works by each winner in our collection.

Some recent award winners

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