Alerts: Keeping Current in Your Discipline: Database Alerts

Alerts refer to notifications when something of interest to you has been published in a new journal issue or added to a database or website. Covers basic techniques for setting up alerts (a.k.a. current awareness services).

Alert Tutorials

Very short tutorials - usually 1-5 minutes long.

Specific Database Alert Tutorials

Database alerts can cover thousands of journals while publisher alerts are usually limited to a significantly fewer number of journals.

  • Databases are slower to update than publisher websites. Publisher information is sent to database vendors; however, some databases are only updated monthly or quarterly.
  • Publisher websites are the first place information is made available. Also, publishers often provide information on research articles while they are still "in press" but databases do not usually include content until after it is officially published.
  • Database alerts usually work best for subject alerts or citation alerts. If you want a table of contents alert for a journal - publisher alerts would be more timely.
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