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Honors Think Tank On Transparency & Privacy in a Web 2.0 World: Topic Assignments

Student Paper/Presentation Topic Assignments


  1. Involuntary transparency (facial recognition/biometric technology/ airport body scans) - Allison Tripp
  2. Voluntary privacy (anonymous speech/anonymous litigants) – Candace Oman
  3. Executive Branch (Access) - Tanner Gould
  4. Executive Branch (Records) - Marianne Carpenter
  5. Location tracking and privacy - Alex Boren
  6. Personally identifiable information - Marcus Chen
  7. Privacy in the workplace - Nicole Harris
  8. Judicial Branch (Access) - Christiana Tu
  9. Judicial Branch (Records) – Mariah Lohse
  10. Internet use tracking - Lindsey Gren
  11. Data mining and aggregation – Theresa Krause
  12. Government surveillance and wiretaps – Isabelle Ghabash
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