Utah Architecture: Journal Articles

This guide will direct you to resources about Utah architects and architecture.

Why use journal articles?

Why use journal articles when researching local architecture?

Journal articles are important because they provide scholarly, peer-reviewed (meaning that experts in the field have vetted the information), and industry-specific content.

The databases listed here provide magazine and newspaper articles, in addition to scholarly journal articles, and many of the magazine articles provide a perspective unique to the architecture industry.

Local Journals

Important local periodicals include:

Utah Historical Quarterly 

Utah Preservation

They are published by Utah State History. Access to Utah Historical Quarterly is provided by Utah State History; obtain copies of Utah Preservation by signing into the Marriott Library website and ordering from the ARC.

Search Tips for Electronic Databases

Start your searches broadly and experiment with search terms. Try variations on 'Utah' and 'architecture,' such as city or county names, terms like buildings, structures, houses, residential, commercial, design, etc.

Put quotation marks around multiple-word search phrases like "Salt Lake City. "

Use the Advanced Search option to limit where the database is finding the search terms to relevant fields like the abstract (a summary of the paper), document title, or subject headings.

Electronic Databases

Academic Search Premier Academic Search Premier provides full-text access to scholarly journals and popular magazines. Searching in this database will provide you with results ranging from case studies published in Civil Engineering to news coverage of local buildings published in The New York Times. Academic Search Premier covers a wide range of disciplines.

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals The Avery Index contains citations of articles appearing in over seven hundred architecture and design journals. NOTE: This is not a full-text database. To check whether Marriott Library has an article in the database, click on the SFX button on the right side of the page.

Art Full Text is an excellent resource for finding full-text articles related to art, architecture, and design. Many of the periodicals that Art Full Text covers are indexed in the Avery Architectural Index; however, Art Full Text has additional titles. Coverage is 1984-current.

Dissertation & Theses Full Text

Dissertations & Theses Full Text Dissertations & Theses contains the full-text of virtually all dissertations and theses published in the United States, 1997-present. Dissertations and theses often have important, original research. A basic search for (Utah AND architecture) returned over 8,000 results including titles like "Design Guidelines for the Historic Downtown of the City of St. George, Utah."

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