Research Posters and Poster Sessions: About Poster Sessions

This guide has been developed to assist you with creating a research poster using MS Powerpoint.


This template is for a standard research poster, 4' long by 3' high.

This template is for a square poster, 3' by 3'.

This template is for a standard, 4' by 3', research poster presenting a layout designed around a central image.

This template is for a standard, 4' by 3', research poster designed for minimal text use.

This template is for a standard, 4' by 3', research poster which follows the design principle of "rule of thirds."

Office of Undergraduate Research Poster Template

About Poster Sessions

Unlike formal verbal presentation, poster sessions provide one-on-one interactions between the audience and presenters. It is a great way to obtain feedback on your project. You are not expected to just stand there and watch people read your poster. Engage your audience in a conversation. “Do you have a question about (insert section of poster being read)?” and   “Are you interested in or are you working in (insert topic of project)?” are ways of opening the conversation.

Like a presentation you will need a speech. Create a short talk that involves pointing to the images included in the poster (HINT: the talk is based on the text included in the poster.) Be able to alter your speech for the person you are speaking to.  Also, like for a presentation, practice your speech.

Remain at the poster for the entire session so that your audience gets the benefit of your knowledge along with the information displayed on the poster.

Even if you are wearing a nametag, introduce yourself and of course relax and smile, it’s your work and it’s your time to shine.

Checklist for items to bring

  •  Push pins, tape, markers, pens
  • Copies of the abstract with your contact information
  • Business cards
  •  Notepad for writing down comments, questions, etc.
  •  The poster.
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