Research Posters and Poster Sessions: Printing A Poster

This guide has been developed to assist you with creating a research poster using MS Powerpoint.

Printing Checklist

  •   Poster is of the required size.

  •  Font sizes are appropriate.

  •  Limited # of fonts used – consistent.

  •  Title area – co-authors, affiliation, logos present and correct.

  •   40%, graphics, 40% white space, 20% print rule observed.

  •   White or light colored backgrounds used.

  •   Compatible colors were used.

  •   Charts and graphs have legends and the axes identified.

  •   All charts, graphs, and pictures are identified.

  •   Spelling, punctuation, grammar have been checked.

  •   Do section headers have a consistent format?

  •   Do you still need the guide lines?

  •   Did you followed printing services guidelines.

  •   Are all components of poster present -Intro, M& M, etc. – don’t forget references and acknowledgements.

  •   Does the poster look attractive, eye catching?

  •   Have somebody proof the poster.


Need Assistance?

For assistance with developing a poster or holding a workshop email:

For basic help with printing call the Knowledge Commons: 801 581 6273

For information on how to have student posters paid by a specific account email:

Printing a Poster

Before printing your research poster go through the poster checklist to see what you have forgotten. If you are printing your poster at the Marriott Library the instructions have changed.

Prepare your poster for printing at the Marriott Library:


In Powerpoint, Go to File > Save As. Under Save as Type (Windows) or Format (OS X), select PDF. Save the file and then open the PDF in Adobe Photoshop (available online from the Knowledge Commons). Verify the width and height are correct. Check for image quality by using the zoom tool. When all is ok, then go to File > Save As. Under Format, select JPEG or TIFF (JPEGs are small files while TIFFs are huge and will take much longer to print). Choose a location for saving the file and a file name, then click Save. Click OK on the default save settings. Bring the file to the Knowledge Commons desk for printing. The staff will determine the size and tell you the cost for printing.

The printing of the jpg poster itself does not take long, but there may be many people requesting print jobs. Plan to bring the file early in the morning before 9:00am or after 6:00pm for a quicker turn around.

DO NOT SAVE TO A JPEG OR TIFF FROM POWERPOINT! The directions above ensure the best quality print.

Complete Instructions for Printing at the Marriott Library, Knowledge Commons


The Marriott Library has a HP Designjet T2300, a large format color printer/scanner located at the second floor Knowledge Commons desk. The T2300 prints on semi gloss or matte paper, up to 42" wide. The poster should be set to the desired dimensions, with at least one side that is less than or equal to 41.6", to account for 0.2" margins on all sides. At the SCS desk, staff will verify the size of your print and give you a slip with its cost. After paying at the Reserve Desk and bringing your receipt back to the SCS desk, your document will be printed.

Prices  -

  • PRINTING______ $2.88 PER SQUARE FOOT so for the standard 3'X4' research poster it will cost $34.56 (UU faculty, staff and students)
  • PRINTING______$5.76 PER SQUARE FOOT FOR non-University folks

Departmental payment is available with a PCard (in person or over the phone) or a UShop Print & Carry PO. We are unable to charge to a chartfield or account number directly.

NOTE: The Marriott Library does not provide backing or lamination for posters. Cloth poster printing is also not available. If required see University Printing Services or FedEx-Kinkos.

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