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Framing Dementia

Appreciating Dementia Event (September 9th, 2014)

Appreciating Dementia Event Information

Utah has the highest projected increase of Alzheimer's disease in the nation.
Professionals and scholars from the fields of medicine, social work, music, public policy, and more are working to dignify and care for individuals affected by this disease. This program features:

Nicholas Shifrar
Prof. Troy Andersen [00:05:20]
Ben Barker [00:18:00]
Dr. Norman Foster (CACIR) [00:21:30]
Bonnie Shepherd [00:32:00]
Prof. Phillip Bimstein [00:45:00]

There is a strong cultural anxiety about dementia. So much of what we cultivate in our daily lives is lost with a dementing disease. It is like a brick house we put together with the mortar of our will power, ambition, faith, and individual skills. Then over time it fades in color and quixotically loses pieces. Learning to appreciate dementia, instead of dwelling in its dark vicissitudes, comes from multiple perspectives. It comes from the advancement of science, it comes from understanding dementia as an emblematic disease that helps us see our pathological cultural practices, it comes from deepening our capacity to feel and deepening our insight into life. It must also come from an acknowledgment and an embracing of the suffering, the struggles, and the unknowns.

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