Introduction to SPSS

SPSS is a data management and analysis software package, maintained by IBM. On the surface it looks a lot like a spreadsheet and performs many of the same functions.

SPSS Resources

 T. Benny Rushing MathematicsTutoring Center (adjacent to the LCB and JWB.)

SPSS Statistics for Students: The Basics

ASUU Tutoring Center



Help with SPSS/Math

Using SPSS Help

The basic SPSS package comes with a phenomenal set of documentation accessible through it's "Help" menu. This includes:

  • The usual, encyclopedic set of searchable help topics that explain the basic functions of each part of the menu.
  • A set of tutorials that work through SPSS functions step-by-step.
  • A set of Case Studies that provide examples of SPSS applications to real data analysis cases.
  • A "Statistics Coach" that gives the user some guidance toward using statistical tests based on the characteristics of her data.
  • A Command Syntax reference.
  • A mathematical reference called "Algorithms" that give details about the implementation of statistical functions in SPSS.

Other Statistical Software Resources

Getting Started in Data Analysis

The Online Training Section at DSS



Welcome to the Descriptive Statistics Online Training page at DSS



Data Preparation & Descriptive Statistics


Introduction to Data Analysis Using STATA


I want to thank University of Utah Professor, Lisa Gren, PhD, MSPH from the Family & Preventive Medicine department, for allowing me to modify and display handouts from her FP MD 6100-090 - Biostatistics I).

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