The Historical GIS of Salt Lake City

An interactive geospatial study of historical, environmental and health related impacts to Salt Lake City.

Digital Scholarship Lab Project Staff





Justin Sorensen

    Justin is the GIS Specialist at the J. Willard Marriott Library's Digital Scholarship Lab.  Justin has a strong background in Geography with emphasis in Geographic Technology and has been creating, developing and managing geospatial projects for the Digital Scholarship Lab since 2011.

    Justin has served as the project interface designer/programer and a geospatial database creator, utilizing ArcGIS, Google Earth and Global Mapper software to create geospatial representations of historical, chemical and environmental impacts to areas within the boundaries of Salt Lake City as well as present day information.    


Caitlyn Tubbs

     Caitlyn is the Geospatial Data & Visualization Intern at the J. Willard Marriott Library's Digital Scholarship Lab.  Caitlyn is a City Planning Graduate student at the University of Utah with a background in City Planning and 3D modeling.    

     Caitlyn has served as a geospatial database creator, researcher and visual graphics creator, utilizing ArcGIS, Google Sketch-Up and Photoshop to create visual representations of chemical impacts, census and occupational demographics as well as health statistics related to Salt Lake City through the incorporation of historic and present day information.


       Anne Morrow

     Anne is the Digital Initiatives Librarian at the J. Willard Marriott Library.  Anne has a background in institutional repositories, digital libraries and digital publishing initiatives.

     Anne performed a considerable amount of source materials research in the early stages of this project.  More recently, Anne has focused on project outreach and securing funding for expansion.


Special Thanks to the Following Individuals

We have had wonderful support throughout this project and would like to thank our supporters for your assistance, guidance and encouragement.

  • Dr. Kevin Henry, Assistant Professor (School of Public Health / Rutgers University)
  • Alison Regan, Head of Scholarship & Education Services (J. Willard Marriott Library / University of Utah)
  • Catherine Soehner, Associate Dean of Research & Learning Services (J. Willard Marriott Library / University of Utah)
  • Donald Williams, Library Collection Manager (LDS Business College)
  • Ken Rockwell, Cataloging & Metadata Librarian (J. Willard Marriott Library / University of Utah)
  • The Staff of USpace (the University of Utah's Institutional Repository)
  • Our Colleagues in the Digital Scholarship Lab
  • The Digital Operations Department @ the J. Willard Marriott Library
  • The Geospatial Initiatives Committee @ the J. Willard Marriott Library
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