The Historical GIS of Salt Lake City

An interactive geospatial study of historical, environmental and health related impacts to Salt Lake City.

About This Project

     The Historical GIS of Salt Lake City focuses on the impact of later banned or regulated chemicals in use primarily from 1935-1952.  Each chemical impact layer draws upon content from the J. Willard Marriott Library collections, EPA Superfund Site data and other external data sources to forge relationships between the different materials.  Each analysis provides users with detailed information on each chemical, associated businesses, the extent of EPA Superfund site impacts as well as reports found in the media. 

     By incorporating additional Salt Lake City layers on a variety of topics, users are able to gain a deeper understanding of each chemical and the resulting impacts to Salt Lake City, making this project beneficial to researchers across multiple disciplines.

Project Download

Download a copy of this project by selecting the link below:

The Historical GIS of Salt Lake CIty.kmz

This project is viewable using Google Earth software.

Note: All components run on network links, allowing layer updates to be applied without the need to download a new version of the project.

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Project Videos

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