Digital Humanities

An introduction guide to digital humanities. If you have additional questions, contact Rebekah Cummings at

Common Digital Humanities Tools

Tools & Platforms

As users and creators, digital humanists engage with a variety of digital tools to experiment, research, teach, play, and publish. A more comprehensive catalog of digital tools can be found at the DiRT Directory, a registry of digital research tools for scholarly use. 

Tools and Resources

Organize Your Research


Work With Text


Create Maps & Visualizations

  • ArcGIS Online 
    Map your data and tell location-based stories | access

  • Carto 
    Map and analyze your location data | access

  • Palladio 
    Visualize complex, multi-dimensional data | tutorial

  • RAWgraph 
    Open source data visualization framework | access

  • StoryMapJS 
    Create interactive location-based narratives

  • TimelineJS 
    Build visually rich, interactive timelines


Publish Archives & Web Projects

  • Mukurtu 
    Manage digital heritage in culturally relevant and ethically-minded ways | tutorial

  • Omeka 
    Create collections, exhibits, and digital projects | example

  • Reclaim Hosting 
    Web hosting faculty and students own and control

  • Scalar 
    Author long-form, born-digital, multimodal scholarship | tutorial

  • WordPress 
    Publishing websites and multimedia projects | access

Thank you to the wonderful librarians at Northwestern for this list of tools! 

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